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19 September 2006

Godless and Now Customerless

I belong to the History Book Club.  Civil War, Adams, Spanish Armada..history.

Today I received my monthly choices.  Among them is Ann Coulter’s Godless.

I am quitting tomorrow.  She is not history, she is right wing lying trash.  

08 September 2006

The Man Behind the Curtain

As I was reading Tristero, as all of my readers [Hello..HELLO out there. Nevermind] should it struck me that perhaps GWB has what might be called the Great Wall of Intellect.  It is as if nothing the man says is, or could possibly have been, subject to an introspective examination.  External ideas cannot breach the Great Wall for any consideration.  This is not to say anything of substance lies behind said wall, of course.

Tristero thusly says,

I truly am sorry that the man who is currently occupying the White House, arguably the most powerful person in the history of the world, is an incompetent, delusional liar, and that his administration has set new lows for corruption and criminal behavior.*** But that's the way it is. "Balance" isn't achieved by lying about Clinton in a vain attempt to make his administration appear as dreadful as Bush's. It wasn't. Not even close. Yes, Clinton was far from perfect, sometimes he made terrible choices. But 9/11, Iraq, Katrina, the deficit, the wholesale destruction of science and health standards, the high oil prices, the war profiteering, the debacle in Afghanistan, the shredding of the Bill of Rights and so on, so on, so on - those are Bush's full responsibility. He created many of them out of empty air. They are his fault. And that is unfortunate. Very unfortunate. Because Bush has no idea what he is doing and he still has two more years plus to wreak even more damage, even if, mirabile dictu, Republicans lose either or both of their legislative majorities.

Perhaps the Great Wall has been breached and empty air lies behind it.      

03 September 2006


While reading Atrios, who quotes Glenn Greenwald, it struck me that we have been there before, although before, the fears were a bit more rational.  The early fears of the cold war, right after the Soviets acquired atomic weapons, and in the era of the “hordes” of Chinese crossing the border in Korea, were hysterical.  The hysterics led to McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee.  It led to personal bomb shelters in the early sixties.  It led to practicing “duck and cover” in grade schools, when anyone with sense knew that if a nuclear explosion occurred near enough, “duck and cover” was useless and if it were far away, such procedures were unnecessary.  Gradually, although the Soviets remained rather belligerent, the hysteria subsided.

The post-9/11 era is similar.  The hysteria is, as largely in the 50s, Republican generated and it is greedily ingested by those unfamiliar with cognitive procedures.  The enemy is now the great undifferentiated bulk that is Islam.  And how inconvenient it is that the bogeyman is not a singular horror, but a mixture of Arab, Pakistani, Irani, Turkish (who, of course, get a pass) and (let’s not forget the largest Islamic nation) Indonesian nationalities that practice two, historically incompatible forms of Islam.  As a result, rather than focusing on the small, radical Wahabi sect exemplified by Osama bin Laden, which is too small to generate an appropriate hysterical response, the Bushies have expanded it to all of Islam, most of which is not radicalized against Western civilization.  

For this administration it has never really been a war on terror.  It has been use of 9/11 to fight wars for oil and wars for votes and wars for the misplaced visceral delight that, along with intense hatred, drives the wingnuts

31 July 2006

And the Devil has Initials MM

Jonah Goldberg

  1. I sincerely doubt some of the people emailing me would be as quick to condemn if the person involved was, say, Michael Moore.

Damnation based on a false hypothesis, glibly inserted into an otherwise borderline sensible post.  

30 July 2006

Left and Right

If you look around you see Kos, Atrios and Jane Hamsher who aggressively and positively support various Democratic candidates, and who are concerned about organization and structure.  On the right, I see nothing even close to their approach.  Most right wing commentary/focus lies in reaction, snark and mindless opinion.  

The activists of the left, and they are activists, fight the entrenched lethargy of the Democratic Party establishment while the right mindlessly parrots the, admittedly more successful, strategies of the Republican Party.  

The left is active and vital.  The right is stultified.  

Let’s see what happens.

17 July 2006

Osama bin Stem Cell

Does anyone remember that Bush was fiddling with stem cells when he should have been paying attention to Osama back in 2001?

Just saying.

03 July 2006

The Name's the Thing

"Petitioning Democrat".  A polemic worthy of the Bush Administration, like the “Healthy Forest” Initiative.