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26 August 2005

Domino Delivers

Atrios is discussing the domino theory of communism, which had play yesterday by Kevin Drum.  As a living remnant of the Viet Nam era, the theory was alive and well throughout the times.  Atrios notes its use to justify intervention in Central America.  

Proper use of the domino theory is important.  The implicit presumption during Viet Nam was that it was a military issue, not a philosophical issue.  If Viet Nam fell, Cambodia was next because of the military pressure from its neighbor.  Obviously, communism is less useful as a philosophical domino, since philosophies can jump borders (cf. Cuba).  Yet, in fact, communism was far more a philosophical domino because (look it up) it was the structure most useful to revolutionaries.  Find a personality cult revolution and you often find a communist.  

Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, Ho Chi Minh, Castro.  

Admittedly the Soviet Union coddled revolutionaries in its quest for friends and allies.  

The most interesting aspect of the domino theory is its use today..implicitly.  The Bush administration had hoped for the verification of a domino theory of democracy in the Middle East enforced, in Iraq, by arms then spreading (due to its intrinsically good qualities) to the rest of the area.  Along with many of their other hopes, it seems to have been dashed.  Perhaps we should study the domino theory of fundamentalism.  

The domino theory is far from dead.  Its name is simply retired.  

Coulter Counting

Ann Coulter stated last night on Hannity and Colmes [via Crooks and Liars ] that she’d prefer terrorists attack Georgia (or Alabama or Mississippi) rather than New York.  Aside from most Georgians (et al.) preferring the opposite, her context was that Georgians fight and New Yorkers do not.  Notice, she didn’t offer her neighborhood for attack, so she could personally participate.  

The gross generality is, of course, ridiculous, as is any suggestion that the average American would shy away from defending home and hearth.  Some are braver than others, to be sure, in both Georgia and New York.  1.9 million people voted for Bush in Georgia, 2.9 million voted for Bush in the state of New York and 1.3 million voted for him in the counties that form New York City and surround it.  Mississippi had only 685,000 Bush voters.  Even on the basis of the usual wingnut presumption that libruls are chickenshit, NYC has more than enough hairy chested folks like Ann to deal with terrorists, unless, of course, the terrorists targeted libruls just so they’d surrender.  Picky terrorists those.

However, logic is but one of many qualities lacking in her audience.  One of Colmes’ jobs is to ask the librul questions so the talking points are easily identified.  If Hannity asked her in an accusing way if she thought New Yorkers were cowards, the masses would be confused.  The entire exchange was scripted to reinforce the Republican notion that if you’re not a warmonger, then you’re a coward.  

I will not dignify her odious injection of Cindy Sheehan into her venomous spewings by comment other than to note that Ms. Sheehan has apparently become a synonym for Michael Moore.  


I’m checking out the word attachment.  First, will it support strange fonts and second, will it do my HTML for me?...Read Digby .

Let’s see.

25 August 2005

Thinking in the Void

It strikes me that many Muricans don't want to think. They want to be told what to do and like to focus gruesomely on those less fortunate than they. Joe makes the point.

I hope Michael Moore's fat farm visit [via the Poor Man ] leads him to create the definitive film about evolution and intelligent design. The subject needs his light touch.

I hear (via the radio) that Hawaii has imposed price ceilings on wholesale gasoline. Damn Communists.

24 August 2005

Vacuum Packed

Only vacuum and continuum have double "u"s.

My mother has lived alone for over 20 years and has developed the habit of talking to either herself or the furniture. Writing a blog is like that, [I note queasily]. Yelling into the vacuum (or is it the continuum?)

I discovered that linking to Atrios generates bizarre comments.

I get to use all the same words as James Wolcott but his always are strung together better. Wonder why.


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette discusses Rev. Robertson.

23 August 2005

Linking Addresses

Just some practicing. It has been a long while since I did HTML.

Atrios:Murder ex-Cathedra

Let's see what happens.


Mohamed Atta may or may not have been in Brooklyn in early 2000. The entire revelation scenario is goofy at best. IF our boy was fingered, what does it mean?

It appears that the world famous "wall" memo has no bearing; if the information existed in DOD and they chose to share it, they could have.

How many besides Atta (if he were identified) were identified and what was done about them? Or was Atta (if he were identified) a post-9/11 aha...and the other thousand were not.

Given that the wingnuts love to bash Clinton on all of this...on what date did Chimpy say, "Bring me all that Able Danger stuff so we can see what's happening with Al Queda?" He was more interested in stem cells than terrorist cells.

An Unheralded Entrance

Now where's that outline I wrote...

I read a fair number of blogs, almost all liberal unless a good case is made for a link to Bizarro World. I dislike the word progessive; it is evasive and self-defensive. I dislike the tendency of liberals to fail to support all that is good in what has been done in the last 5 decades. I once worked for a large American corporation in which every new manager felt the need to change procedures, to put their stamp on things. Often procedures needed no change.

Social Security is a program that has, and should, continue to work for years. To even accept that change is needed is ludicrous. As long as the Republicans can hoodwink the populace that change, by its very nature, is good and they "have a plan" and the Democrats don't, they will get away with murder.

Pat Robertson's entreaties towards Hugo Chavez notwithstanding.

Enough said, let's see how this works.