The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

23 August 2005


Mohamed Atta may or may not have been in Brooklyn in early 2000. The entire revelation scenario is goofy at best. IF our boy was fingered, what does it mean?

It appears that the world famous "wall" memo has no bearing; if the information existed in DOD and they chose to share it, they could have.

How many besides Atta (if he were identified) were identified and what was done about them? Or was Atta (if he were identified) a post-9/11 aha...and the other thousand were not.

Given that the wingnuts love to bash Clinton on all of this...on what date did Chimpy say, "Bring me all that Able Danger stuff so we can see what's happening with Al Queda?" He was more interested in stem cells than terrorist cells.