The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

23 August 2005

An Unheralded Entrance

Now where's that outline I wrote...

I read a fair number of blogs, almost all liberal unless a good case is made for a link to Bizarro World. I dislike the word progessive; it is evasive and self-defensive. I dislike the tendency of liberals to fail to support all that is good in what has been done in the last 5 decades. I once worked for a large American corporation in which every new manager felt the need to change procedures, to put their stamp on things. Often procedures needed no change.

Social Security is a program that has, and should, continue to work for years. To even accept that change is needed is ludicrous. As long as the Republicans can hoodwink the populace that change, by its very nature, is good and they "have a plan" and the Democrats don't, they will get away with murder.

Pat Robertson's entreaties towards Hugo Chavez notwithstanding.

Enough said, let's see how this works.