The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

23 October 2005

The Adventures of Georgie and Harriet

It seems that liberal coverage of Harriet Miers’ travails is refreshingly neutral.  Her case is interesting; the major barrage comes from the right, but the average liberal wants no part of her.  As bad a Supreme Court justice as Harriet may turn out to be, there is reluctance to attack her from the left because the level of repugnance to be found in the replacement appointee is unknown.  Maureen Dowd used a word yesterday…tropism…that may apply to Harriet.  One can just hear her saying that Scalia is the best Supreme Court justice ..EVER.

Meanwhile, it seems the right is delightfully internally contentious and the left occasionally inserts an informational wedge….just to help them out.