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30 November 2005

We Need the Font Sizes

From Will Bunch
We do love the point that a reader (to whom, as a tribute to Bob Woodward, we're granting anonymity) made to us this morning in an email. The White House's entire strategy for winning the war in Iraq, which has claimed more than 2,100 Americans so far and untold Iraqi civilians, while bringing a multi-ethnic nation to the brink of civil war, is just 35 pages.
Meanwhile, arbitrator Richard Bloch's ruling on behalf of the Eagles against wayward star Terrell Owens weighed in at 38 pages.

29 November 2005

Among the Missing

Where is Billmon?

Search parties are being organized.

23 November 2005


I like the word kerfluffle.  

22 November 2005


Read rudely.

19 November 2005


Mr. Murtha’s comments have disturbed the force.   The circus that erupted in the House last night reminds me of Parliament at its finest.  I wonder how long it will take the Murican public to recognize that the Republican Party has deteriorated so profoundly.  No ideas on how to resolve Iraq.  They say “Stay until we succeed.”  No definition of success, no action plan to achieve it.  They defend the status quo with a pit bull tenacity.  Tax cut after tax cut, with no evidence of any positive effect from them.  Now attempts to cut all sorts of services to save money.  Perhaps they will not be happy until there is nothing coming in and nothing going out.

Who will buy the body armor then.

And isn’t Jean Schmidt a piece of work? The folks in Cincinnati must be very proud.  

17 November 2005

He Can't Stands No More

Re: Jack Murtha.  Name any other member of Congress who has visited Walter Reed for anything but a photo-op.  Name any other who has a story such as the one concerning the soldier without hands.  Murtha is not one to be hasty in such matters.  His statement could have interesting repercussions.

Genuflect the Press

I find the baseless self-righteousness of “journalists” to be extraordinarily comical.  See kos for a bit of rollicking good fun in this vein.  Journalists, like bloggers and politicians and practitioners of any other profession or avocation, can be skilled, effective and valuable, or completely, utterly, hopelessly worthless.  Journalists, however, have cloaked themselves with a “divine right of journalists” mantle; it was obviously wrong to ever refer to them as the 4th estate, no matter its source.  The mere presence of the title “journalist” demands, in their mind, an elevated level of respect, even if it is not accompanied by an equivalent level of skill.

15 November 2005

Where Are the Brits When You Need Them

Haven’t heard much lately on the Downing Street memo.  About time it was re-introduced into the pre-war Republican liefest.

14 November 2005

A Rant

I hate itty bitty type in blogs.  We old geezers need some size.

11 November 2005

Wasted Men, Brave French

1.4 million French killed in WWI, of a population of 39 million.  3.6% of the total population, and mostly young men.  Fewer than 1 million U.S. soldiers have been killed in all wars in our history and that includes Confederate soldiers.

I remind every wingnut who whines about the cowardly French of this sacrifice.  I am always tempted to begin a discussion of the effect this must have had on the national psyche, but I always refrain, remembering, often at the last moment, how impervious ideology is to facts.  

No war killed more brave men for less reason than WWI.  Let’s all re-read All Quiet on the Western Front and remember both their sacrifice and the lunacy that called for it.

10 November 2005

More Than 15 Minutes


Judy Miller has exceeded her allotted time for being famous.

Let’s move on.

09 November 2005


I lived in New Jersey when I was young.  There, it’s out.  The politics of that state are bizarre and often corrupt.  May Gov. Corzine avoid both aspects.

Under certain circumstances, the voters are able to do sensible things.  There is hope.

08 November 2005


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Republican Candidates for Today’s Election

An Informational Note

I have had a commenter (and thank you for the kind words).  I am no longer a needle unfound in a haystack.  Oh, the responsibility.

The Search is Re-opened

It seems, as information accumulates, that Douglas Feith may not be the “fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth”.  The title is vacant.  Is the new incumbent Dick Cheney?  You decide.