The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

19 November 2005


Mr. Murtha’s comments have disturbed the force.   The circus that erupted in the House last night reminds me of Parliament at its finest.  I wonder how long it will take the Murican public to recognize that the Republican Party has deteriorated so profoundly.  No ideas on how to resolve Iraq.  They say “Stay until we succeed.”  No definition of success, no action plan to achieve it.  They defend the status quo with a pit bull tenacity.  Tax cut after tax cut, with no evidence of any positive effect from them.  Now attempts to cut all sorts of services to save money.  Perhaps they will not be happy until there is nothing coming in and nothing going out.

Who will buy the body armor then.

And isn’t Jean Schmidt a piece of work? The folks in Cincinnati must be very proud.