The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

11 November 2005

Wasted Men, Brave French

1.4 million French killed in WWI, of a population of 39 million.  3.6% of the total population, and mostly young men.  Fewer than 1 million U.S. soldiers have been killed in all wars in our history and that includes Confederate soldiers.

I remind every wingnut who whines about the cowardly French of this sacrifice.  I am always tempted to begin a discussion of the effect this must have had on the national psyche, but I always refrain, remembering, often at the last moment, how impervious ideology is to facts.  

No war killed more brave men for less reason than WWI.  Let’s all re-read All Quiet on the Western Front and remember both their sacrifice and the lunacy that called for it.