The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

14 January 2006

Further Alienation

Apparently the chimperator and his flying monkeys have once again demonstrated their intelligence acumen, humanitarian instincts and diplomacy skills.  They have used a missile to destroy a few houses in Pakistan even though they are not allowed to conduct military actions in Pakistan.  The missiles apparently killed from 18 to 30 people and missed the prime target, Al Queda’s #2, Al Zawahiri.  So, we have killed up to 30 innocent people in a raid we should not have conducted (and will harm relations with Pakistan) in order to kill a man who was not there.

The incident is stunningly tragic, arrogant and incompetent.  It joins a long list.  

This murder comes on the heels of our totally inadequate response, as a nation, to the Pakistani earthquake.  We continue to win their hearts and minds.