The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

27 January 2006

Just Rewards?

Aside from Patrick Fitzgerald (let’s all await his neutering) I see no one in the Justice Department who will aggressively prosecute any Republicans.  This latest news reinforces that.  We have a Justice Department filled with competent, ethical staff, who believe in rule of law and yet, they are routinely overruled by political hacks (see GA poll ID law and TX redistricting).  The Congress refuses to police its members; the administration continually obstructs justice (no Katrina memos or Abramoff-Bush photos for you) and breaks the law.  The judiciary is largely Bush I or Bush II appointed (due to Clinton’s inability to get judges up for confirmation votes as a result of Republican hi-jinks).

As the rubes sit and await the fall of the hammer of law, I’ll just look for signs of how they will twist the system to spring their friends.

Curmudgeonly is too neutral a term for how I feel about this business.