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23 January 2006

Kleiman's Korner Komment

The key word is honor.
No, I don't suppose that Jonah Goldberg speaks for all conservatives. But it's striking that he could publish, on the widely-read National Review Online, this item (quoted in full)

OSAMA'S TRUCE [Jonah Goldberg]
What if Bush offered/accepted one and then, under the flag of truce, had Osama killed and his minions rounded up?
It's amusing to imagine what some of Bush's biggest critics might say.

and get no critical reply from any of his Corner colleagues or any other right-of-center blogger. A Google Blog search yields only one comment from the right on Goldberg's proposal, and that one is supportive. (I'm happy to update as new material comes in.)
It's a damned strange brand of patriotism that doesn't mind dragging the flag through the mud.
This is worthy of the worst Mafioso or coward.  The flag of truce ambush.  And yet, as sad as anything, is my belief that Bush might just approve something like this.