The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

12 January 2006

A Rude Pundit Moment

George Bush and domestic spying.

Let’s imagine you are an ordinary average guy (My friend's got a Chrysler, I've got a Dodge) and you discover a well known lothario having a discussion with your nude wife.  You barge in and confront him and he assures you that although he fucks the wives of other men, men who deserve their fate, he won’t fuck yours because, well, she’s your wife and you are righteous.  Your wife is a very attractive woman and you fully understand that he will be tempted, but since he said he wouldn’t, you leave them to their conversation.

You trust him to resist the temptation.  Sure you do.   You do not deserve it, you are righteous.  Yep and that matters to him.  Sure it does.