The Random Ruminations and Observations of a Curmudgeon

01 February 2006

Colonel Klink and Grune Fussballen

Steve M. and Glenn Greenwald discuss, at some length, the flap in Minnesota regarding the portrayal of a Republican candidate as Col. Klink, who is better known as an idiot than a Nazi, but that’s semantics.  Steve and Glenn extend the discussion to other incidents and note, if not bemoan, the different codes applied to left and right when such comparisons are used.  

The issue caused me to consider how the great unwashed masses of Nazi party members, or Nazi voters if not members, behaved in the early 1930s.  Did they act as if Der Fuhrer was infallible and any criticism was unpatriotic, or did they engage in substantive policy discussions that resulted in an informed electorate that understood the strengths and weaknesses of Der Fuhrer?  Did they ridicule and verbally attack their opponents, calling them traitors, or did they acknowledge the legitimacy of dissent?  Did they fully support the loss of German freedoms in the name of security or did they resist such efforts?  If they had blogs in 1933, would one have been called Kleine Grune Fussballen?

I am sure the definitive work on the behavior of the German populace in the formative years is out there.  I’ll keep looking.