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31 July 2006

And the Devil has Initials MM

Jonah Goldberg

  1. I sincerely doubt some of the people emailing me would be as quick to condemn if the person involved was, say, Michael Moore.

Damnation based on a false hypothesis, glibly inserted into an otherwise borderline sensible post.  

30 July 2006

Left and Right

If you look around you see Kos, Atrios and Jane Hamsher who aggressively and positively support various Democratic candidates, and who are concerned about organization and structure.  On the right, I see nothing even close to their approach.  Most right wing commentary/focus lies in reaction, snark and mindless opinion.  

The activists of the left, and they are activists, fight the entrenched lethargy of the Democratic Party establishment while the right mindlessly parrots the, admittedly more successful, strategies of the Republican Party.  

The left is active and vital.  The right is stultified.  

Let’s see what happens.

17 July 2006

Osama bin Stem Cell

Does anyone remember that Bush was fiddling with stem cells when he should have been paying attention to Osama back in 2001?

Just saying.

03 July 2006

The Name's the Thing

"Petitioning Democrat".  A polemic worthy of the Bush Administration, like the “Healthy Forest” Initiative.

01 July 2006

The Power Hungry

The Hamden vs. Rumsfeld decision has generated much philosophical passion, much of it at Unclaimed Territory.  Read it all.  Paul Waldeman also chimes in.  A few major points are:

  1. The control of discourse by the Right.  

  2. The polemical repudiation of opposition to the Right.

  3. Gratuitous accusations of treason.

We do not only need to convince voter A that he will be better off with a one payer health care.  We need to convince voters that the tactics of this administration are a threat to them.